Call for Equity Papers

Svitlana Kuzmina

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Call for Paper Abstracts

The Global Community Uniting for Equity (GCUE)™ and the North American Community: Uniting for Equity (NAC:UE) are interested in developing a special issue of the NAC:UE’s Journal of Interdisciplinary Education (JIE) focused on Educational Equity in our pandemic era.

Theme of JIE Issue: Reflections on Educational Equity in a Pandemic

Contributors: We would like contributions from educators from around the world, including student voices.

Purpose: Our purpose is to provide a forum to highlight current trends and needs relating to educational equity during this unprecedented time in the history of the world and share this information with like minded educators.

Publication Format: JIE online publication with the possibility of a limited number of print copies.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Papers may be research articles, opinion or reflection focused.
2. Less than 5000 words
3. Double spaced
4. Font: Times New Roman
5. Include abstract
6. Include: 3 – 6 keywords

If interested please send an abstract by June 30 to:
Clay Starlin
Executive Director

Thank You

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